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I work with students, one-on-one, in the United States and countries throughout the world. I can work in person, over phone or Skype, and on the internet (e.g. Google Drive, email).

I also consult with college-bound high schoolers on how to get an edge at each grade level and strategies for graduates pursuing master's and doctorate level degrees.

I also write and edit projects from business presentations to speeches, and it all begins with the one little form below. You can also call me at:

310-260-5585 (PST)

or email me at

~ Susan

What Clients Say About Susan...

"Susan listened to the personality beneath the words of my first draft and pushed me to create a unique college application. She has the experience to guide you and the energy to spark your writing." ~ Jennifer Tingley, Duke Class of 2013

Ready, Aim, Fire!

college preparation search help

It's time to start your college search. But not so fast. Do a little research first. Check out informative college websites, take an online tour, read reliable college guide books and get feedback from friends who are already in college. Deciding where you will fit in and thrive for four years to come is a journey with many detours. So don't rush it. Give yourself plenty of time to get lost, change directions or stop and refuel.


Try It On First

college search help

How do you know where you want to go to college? What do you do to find out? The answer is found through personal experience. Visit a variety of local colleges and universities. You need to hang out at a sprawling state university, sit in on a seminar at a small liberal arts college, check out an 8'x10' dorm room, and eavesdrop on students in the dining hall. After doing this personal research, you'll be surprised at what fits, and what doesn't.


Highlight Your Passion

college application essay help

Colleges want a renaissance class made up of all types of students. What is your special talent? What sets you apart? Everyone has something they are passionate about, whether it’s quirky, off-the-beaten-path or more mainstream. Your individual passion is the thing that sets you apart from other college applicants and will ultimately round out a diverse class. Susan's specialty is to draw out your uniqueness and show you how to successfully communicate “who you are.”


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