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Your Coach, Susan G. Wolf

susan helps high school students write essaysSusan received her B.A. in 1968 in English Literature from UC Berkeley in California, her home state. In 1970, she received an M.F.A. in Theater Arts: Writing/Directing from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

As a professional writer and director, Susan was recruited in 1992 by the non-profit organization, One Voice, to participate in a college essay writing program for inner-city high school students in Los Angeles. Susan encouraged students to tell their true stories in their own style instead of predictable essays they thought admissions officers wanted to read. She was impressed with their courage and honesty in telling their stories, not to mention their acceptance to so many top colleges and universities. Word of Susan’s success rate spread and she has been coaching college and graduate school applicants ever since. With new technology, she can work in real time with students throughout the U.S. and many countries from all over the world.

Susan has the gift to draw original and compelling essays from students who believe they have nothing to say about themselves. She loves working with young adults, helping them discover their own voice, and showing them tips on how to write an unforgettable essay. She is proud of their ongoing achievements and successes once they are able to get that first foot in the door of higher education.Senate award Susan Wolf California

Students who worked with Susan on their undergraduate applications often return to work with her at the graduate level. She coaches those who wish to pursue J.D., M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., M.F.A. and other advanced degrees.

Susan’s additional credits include:

  • Writer and Director of television specials for Blake Edwards at ATV Studios in England
  • Co-author of the award-winning The Adventures of Albert, the Running Bear children's series for Houghton Mifflin
  • Writer and Director of musicals for J. P. Nightingale, a children’s theater company that performed annually for the L.A. Junior Arts Program and the Hollywood Bowl Summer Program
  • Writer and Director of the Emmy-nominated television special, In the Center Ring.
  • Co-author of The No-Mess, No-Stress, No-Problem College Application Handbook.

Susan's many awards and achievements include recognition from the State of California Senate in 2006, in appreciation of "all you have done for so many students to ensure their college admission and self-esteem, for your charitable contributions to Juvenile Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis research, and...your indomitable spirit and your zest for life."

Susan works with students in person, on the phone, or via Skype. She will show you how to edit each of your personal essay drafts in real-time by sharing Google Drive documents. This method speeds up the process, saving you hours of time.

Susan, a native Californian, lives and works out of her office in Santa Monica, California where she has resided for over 30 years. She has two grown children (a veterinarian and a writer) and one granddaughter.

What Students Say About Susan...

"Susan was a lifesaver during my college essay writing process! From brainstorming creative topics to editing the final draft, Susan was by far the most helpful aide I had. The college application process can be so overwhelming, especially with the numerous essays required at each school, and to have someone to coach you, and yes, at times hold your hand, saved my sanity and my applications. Susan is the most supportive, creative and compassionate woman that I have had the pleasure of working with and I have no doubt in my mind that when grad school applications roll around she will be the first one I call. Thank you Susan for everything you have done! You’re amazing!" ~ Emily, Pitzer Class of 2010

Ready, Aim, Fire!

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It's time to start your college search. But not so fast. Do a little research first. Check out informative college websites, take an online tour, read reliable college guide books and get feedback from friends who are already in college. Deciding where you will fit in and thrive for four years to come is a journey with many detours. So don't rush it. Give yourself plenty of time to get lost, change directions or stop and refuel.


Try It On First

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How do you know where you want to go to college? What do you do to find out? The answer is found through personal experience. Visit a variety of local colleges and universities. You need to hang out at a sprawling state university, sit in on a seminar at a small liberal arts college, check out an 8'x10' dorm room, and eavesdrop on students in the dining hall. After doing this personal research, you'll be surprised at what fits, and what doesn't.


Highlight Your Passion

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Colleges want a renaissance class made up of all types of students. What is your special talent? What sets you apart? Everyone has something they are passionate about, whether it’s quirky, off-the-beaten-path or more mainstream. Your individual passion is the thing that sets you apart from other college applicants and will ultimately round out a diverse class. Susan's specialty is to draw out your uniqueness and show you how to successfully communicate “who you are.”


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